Theatrical Performances

14 Lengths of Desire

String Theory premiered 14 Lengths of Desire to a sold-out house at The Eli & Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica on February 14th, 2009. The show is a theatrical performance featuring musicians and dancers and sonic sculpture. The performance features String Theory's Curve Harp, a 6 ft tall resonator with 24 strings emanating from it and extending to the balcony of the theater; The Ellipse Harp, set up across the stage 15 feet from the ground; Cylcodrums, a nine ft wall of percussion; and The Skirt Harp, a giant copper and brass musical TuTu. The performance takes the audience on a musical and visual journey loosely exploring 14 aspects of love. The performance is filled with visual and sonic surprises including a typewriter that creates the rhythm track for a renaissance inspired tune and an ensemble of 7 dancers taking over the percussion with the syncopated, choreographed stamping of their heels. A surprise short film appears about half way through the performance with a live score by the performers.


A New Kind of Backstage Pass
Last Saturday evening, String Theory took the idea of Valentine's Day to a new level of shock and awe. Their signature, large resonant stringed instrument (they install one everywhere they perform) ran strings above the audience's heads, one performer came onto stage in a skirt that she could play, their violinist played her instrument seven different ways, and they finally proved the theory that stilettos are indeed a form of percussion. The most shocking of all was how beautifully they performed. I don't mean to say that my expectations were low. Instead, I mean that they managed to merge their esoteric vision of Valentine's Day, well-choreographed modern dance, wild costumes with stilts, custom-made instruments, and traditional instruments into a package as exciting and spectacular as anything you would have wanted to see on any Saturday night. Perhaps that's why they need fifteen members. - By Nicole Campoy-Leffler


Stage size will ideally be at least 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep, with an 8-foot deep, 3-foot high riser across the full width of the rear of the stage.

Video projection capabilities and shadow screen: The projection surface should be at least 30 feet wide by 20 feet high, and we will need a stage width scrim and cyclorama.

The surface of the stage should be sprung for dance. The installation of the Curve Harp requires 8 drywall screws and 800 pounds of sandbags or pig iron in it's base to secure it to the stage, and a balcony (or upper ceiling feature/lighting truss) in the house to serve as the string termination points.

A sound system with the following capabilities: 32 – 48 channel soundboard, a standard array of decent microphones, DI's, stands and cables etc., 6 - 8 stage monitors (preferably small & powerful) with at least 4 mixes. We can deliver a more detailed sound rider at a later time.

Lighting needs are as follows: robust and fully professional array of standard lighting.