String Theory Education

String Theory EDU

String Theory's educational mission is to explore opportunities for cross-pollinating artistic genres.

Programs range from pre-school to university and professional level residencies.

download a pdf of the various workshops here.

Youth Educational Performances

String Theory's outreach program includes a concert format kids oriented performance that includes audience participation in the form of playing the long string harps, percussion and dancing. The theme of the performance is The Physics of Sound & Movement. It explores concepts of physics including compression waves and longitudinal vibrations and centrifugal force and rotational inertia. Kids are invited up to join String Theory in creating a piece of music and dance on the spot. Everyone will participate rhythmically by clapping, stamping and vocalizing. The program will finish with a Q&A.

Performance Workshops / Residencies / Master Classes

String Theory has residency and workshop programs for students from pre-school through college/university age and adults and seniors. Programs include instrument building, movement for actors, contemporary dance, voice, composing for film, the relationship between dance movement + architecture, drum circles and a variety of other options.

Our performance workshop results in a performance created by utilizing one art form to inspire and create another form. This circle of art keeps reinvigorating itself to culminate in a performance piece.

Participants will experience an intensive creative workshop where they will explore the relationship between music, movement and visual art.

String Theory's preschool program at Temple Israel of Hollywood

Educational Partnerships

String Theory is currently piloting a creative enhancement program with Temple Israel of Hollywood. The program is happening throughout the school year and will culminate in a final performance in the Spring of 2011.

The goals of this program are to facilitate an environment where kids can explore their creativity, imagination & cognitive abilities by utilizing music, movement, the visual arts and innovative play.

By exploring the fine arts, kids are developing their education in humanities.