Corporate Events

Corporate Events

String Theory consistently delivers stunning and unique entertainment to the top people in the events industry. String Theory transforms architecture into musical instruments and then "plays" the building. This new concept in performance always fits beautifully when the client has a flare for the unusual and guests who enjoy only the most cutting edge work at their event or party.

Opulent golden musical brass wires envelope the guests in a canopy of sound and attach to existing structure. Choreographed dancers Harpists mesmerize onlookers with kinetic performance as they play the long-strings, generating captivating tones and textures. Either interior or outside to the facades of buildings up to 1000 feet high, String Theory installations and performances garner the highest praise from all who witness. The performances can range in scale from ambient/background trios to shows incorporating a cast of twelve, featuring dancers, aerialists, giant percussion walls and large-scale Harp installations.

String Theory is able to meet and exceed the demands of their clients by providing consistent excellence in their work, as well as flexibility. By providing many performance and installation options, String Theory is able to tailor each performance to meet the needs of the individual client and event. String Theory designers and performers always go out of their way to make sure that the clients needs are understood, and that their expectations are far exceeded by the installation and performance.


Another big thanks to you and Holly and Joseph. You were magnificent last night and added immeasurably to the success of the evening. Loved watching and hearing you (and dancing to your music!)
- Louise Steinman, Cultural Programs Director, Curator, ALOUD series, Library Foundation of Los Angeles

First, let me thank the entire String Theory ensemble for a phenomenal performance! We received an overwhelming response from donors, invited guests and staff Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Everyone expressed that the experience of String Theory was an amazing, unique, creative and unforgettable! Our staff could NOT stop talking about the event Tuesday morning. All day long, everyone kept saying, "Kathleen, the String Theory event was fantastic!" Literally, all day, the staff could not stop complimenting me on my selecting String Theory to close out our 2012 Informally Yours season.

Secondly, ALL OF THE CREDIT should appropriately and deservedly go to String Theory. My small role of organizing the small details is minimal in comparison to the fabulous stage performance Monday evening. Again, Luke and Holly...thank you both so much for sharing with our donors the sensational talents and creativity of String Theory.

What a joy it was to work with you.

In warmth and gratitude,
- Kathleen, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

"I just want to extend our thanks, once again to you and the group for a great performance last night! You all did a great job and we appreciate your flexibility and professionalism in the face of change and chaos! We truly look forward to working with you and wish you all the best"
- Maile Akana, Mana, Allison & Associates, Inc.

"I wanted to send you a personal note and thank you for coming out and performing your magic. We successfully created an atmosphere of warmth and fun and you guys were a huge part of that. People were blown away by what you do, us included. Music makes people smile and feel connected to something more powerful then themselves. What String Theory does is so unique and brilliant. Keep in touch and thanks again!"
- Adam Meltzer, Synergy

"I was blown away by your beautiful concert presentation last night. We were all so high afterward, ...chattering like magpies about each facet of that perfect gem of a performance. I was so knocked out by it that I kept waking up throughout the entire night to the dream-sense of it all. The magic you've made keeps on lasting!"

"Guys, tonight was mind blowing on so many levels that I don't even know where to start. It was beautiful and soulful and complex and so full of life and creativity. As a show it was simply magical. I just and liked you on Facebook, and I wish there were many more places where I could "like" you, aside from the real world , where I love you!

But there was more to it, for me. Many shows are beautiful and moving but this was also...well, lots of things. For starters, the feeling of community and warmth, making something so stressful seem casual and open and democratic, full of goodwill and reciprocity, which is so rare with exceptionally talented people like yourselves (and perhaps there's more tension under the surface, but it's clear that there's a core of generosity and respect and genuine love of artistic expression). And for me personally, watching your show tonight, I felt truly at home in L.A. for the first time. I've been saying that I love it here, and I do, but I haven't felt like I'd really found my people, my community, my favorite artists who make you go "ah, yes, this is what it's all about." Well, now I have."


"But THE HIGHLIGHT of the event was the live music performance done by String Theory... I was mesmerized... they strung the instrument across the ENTIRE room and a woman wearing gloves treated with rosin like a violin bow stroked and plucked the strings, almost like a dance, to play this very gorgeous instrument... I have NEVER heard anything like them. I felt like it was otherworldly and that I should be on an African plain somewhere...They play a WIDE range from classical to tribal and it is SO breathtaking. I normally stay for a short while at these events, but I could not leave. After their performance they let Amber and I try on the gloves and play it ourselves!! It was SO amazing!" - Laura Grier, Beautiful Day Photography