| String Theory Press

writer: Jenny Platt

"String Theory: 14 Lengths of Desire"

Brace yourself for a one-of-a-kind musical experience with String Theory, a unique performance ensemble comprised of a diverse group of musicians and dancers, transforming Santa Monica's Eli & Edythe Broad Stage into a giant musical instrument next Saturday, February 19th.

Audience members will sit inside an instrument called the Curve Harp, created by String Theory member and co-founder, Luke Rothschild. It consists of a 6 foot tall resonator and 24 strings that stretch to the back of the theatre. This exceptional instrument is accompanied by a cello, musical saw, saxophone, violin, percussion and even the extra-terrestrial sounds of a Theremin. In addition to distinctive music, audience members will be treated to the fluid motion of dance as well as a short film and video installations.

The group's original piece "14 Lengths of Desire" will also feature Rothschild's Ellipse Harp and tutu-like Skirt Harp, entrancing the audience with both movement and sound. A version of this piece was featured in a concert a few years back, but next Saturday's show will be entirely different. As member and co-founder Holly Rothschild (wife of the instrument maker) says, "Every performance changes and we have to completely adjust to each new space." However, rather than seeing this as a challenge, Holly believes she echoes the opinions of the entire ensemble when she says, "It's always a surprise and it keeps things fresh. I think there should be an element of danger in performance."

In addition to performing abroad in such places as Singapore and Iran, String Theory recorded a CD and has scored several films, including the HBO documentary Cat Dancers, and a new independent film entitled Fly Away.

Saturday's concert offers Angelinos the rare chance to see String Theory perform live and appeals to a broad audience from young adults to the elderly. "I hope people feel inspired and that for an hour or so they're transported," Holly says.