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Santa Monica Mirror Innovative Performance Group Returns

String Theory is remounting their work "Remembering Water" after sold out shows last year, playing at the Miles in Santa Monica for 10 performances beginning this evening. "Remembering Water" is a 70 minute multimedia performance work featuring new-invented instruments created by String Theory, including Harness Harps and the FIN Harp. Culminating in a new exploration of String Theory's combining of artistic mediums, the performance is interwoven with dance, original music, projections and their signature giant harps.

"Remembering Water" is loosely inspired by the photographs of ParkeHarrison from their book, "The Architect’s Brother," organizers explained.

String Theory

The performance space is transformed by String Theory's sculptural instruments (aka giant harps), and is energized by performers with wearable instruments, percussion sculptures, cello, bass, guitar, vocals and electronics. Eleven performers comprise of musicians and contemporary dancers.

String Theory is a LA based performance ensemble known for their eclectic cinematic music and their invented sonic sculptures that transform architecture and environments into giant musical instruments. The result is a visually stunning and aurally expansive landscape wherein the performance unfolds.

String Theory

At its heart String Theory is a dynamic rock band with classical flourishes and strong, visceral contemporary dancers, a hybrid of kinetic performance components featuring sonic sculpture, dance and original music.

String Theory is an ensemble dedicated to creating innovative performance work. Their signature revolves around a series of large-scale invented instruments that transform spaces into giant musical instruments with strings running hundreds of feet.

The ensemble features:String Theory
Co-founders: Holly Rothschild (long-string harps, percussion, choreography, direction) and Sundance Composer Fellow, Luke Rothschild (instrument design/creation, composition, vocals, bass, guitar and percussion), Joseph Harvey (cello, composition), Robert Amjarv (guitar, bass, voice, keys, electronics, composition), Danny Dolan (dance, long strings, percussion), Lavinia Findikoglu (dance, long strings, percussion), Tess Hewlett (dance, long strings, percussion), Vivek Maddala (guitar, percussion), Danny Moynahan (sax, flute, keys, saw, vocals), Julie Pusch (violin, viola, voice), Gavin Salmon (percussion) and Andrea Sobke (dance, long strings, percussion).