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by By Jerry Gorin

Dancin' on Air? Musicians and dancers to construct 100-foot-tall harp, perform at Van Nuys Flyaway terminal

The performance group String Theory Productions will be taking over the Van Nuys Flyaway bus terminal this weekend with a unique project that may delay some travelers to LAX. The local ensemble of musicians and dancers will transform the Flyaway bus terminal into a giant performance stage that will include music, dancing, and a giant harp. Musicians will pluck twenty-four, 100 foot long strings tethered from the parking lot to the station's offices, a focal point that members of the group say reflects a staple in String Theory's performances.

From the Daily News:
"Our projects are always site specific and this is taking it to another level," said dancer and choreographer Holly Rothschild, who co-founded String Theory with her husband, Luke.

"This is a genre bending, multi-platform, immersive experience," she said. "This is a beautiful place where we can play with light and sound."

The group will perform two free shows, each beginning at 6pm, on September 22nd and 23rd. The terminal, located at 7610 Woodley Avenue in Van Nuys, will continue normal transit service during the performances.



Eclectic performance troupe String Theory turns their performance space into a giant musical instrument! And their shows combine modern dance, additional traditional and nontraditional instruments (think theremins and a tutu skirt that's also a harp) and unique, sometimes surreal, staging elements. Don't be too surprised if you see hot-pink stiletto heels serving as a percussion section! In this interview, two of String Theory's co-founders, Holly and Luke Rothschild, talk about their experiences and String Theory's September 15th performance at the Ford Amphitheatre.